Surgery Details
Surgery Sign Greenwood Surgery
Tylers Ride
South Woodham Ferrers
Essex CM3 5XD

Telephone: 01245 426898


This surgery and its patients were the target of overt discrimination instigated by the Mid-Essex PCT and its predecessor, the Maldon and South Chelmsford PCT. It has always been the case that any patient from this practice who registered at any other practice in the area would immediately qualify for a much larger share of the NHS budget designated for GP services (even though all the local practices share patients from a common pool.) When Clements House Practice in South Woodham closed, it's budget - which we were given to understand was about double the amount (in terms of £ per patient per annum) that our patients were getting - was not transferred with its patients. When those patients arrived here they immediately became 2nd class citizens in the eyes of the NHS and had to make do with the miserably inadequate allowance our patients get. That practice is a matter of a few hundred yards away from ours. It's fair to say, therefore, that our patients (and our practice) are being ripped off by the NHS.

That said, the staff here are great and there's a good atmosphere. We feel that we've papered over the cracks in the crumbling edifice that was the NHS in Mid-Essex as well as anyone can - and our patients on the whole have seemed happy with the 'nurse-led service' we've been providing. We don't have a budget for any docs - hence my change of name to …

Dr John Cormack-the-Family-Doctor-who-works-for-the-NHS-for-free